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Old Perth Cask Strength / 58.6% / 70cl


Old Perth takes its name from Perth, one of Scotland's centres for whisky blending. An old blend created by Peter Thompson in 1908, the whisky was based on North British grain with a top dressing of Macallan among other Speyside, Highland and Islay malts.

Today, Old Perth has been resurrected by indie bottlers Morrison and Mackay.       

Rather than use grain whisky, Old Perth is now a blended malt based on a secret recipe of malts from the Glenlivet region.

A highly regarded centre of whisky making beloved by master blenders. The Sherry matured Cask Strength Edition is the best of the bunch. Rich, fruity and with an abv to drive the big bold flavours home, this blended malt represents exceedingly good value for money.

Nose: The richness of the sherry casks shines through on the nose, mixed dark fruit preserve, hints of Jaffa orange, caramel and cookie dough.

Palate: Wow this is interesting and somewhat contrasting to the nose at first then they seem to flow into one another with sherry and fruit tones, honey ginger and salted caramel toffee.