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Hakushu Distiller's Reserve / 43% / 70cl


Now we move into the forests of Japan for some gentle smoke and herbal notes from the world famous Hakushu distillery established 1973
The water that is used to make Hakushu has been on a long journey in terms of time as the water is filtered through grant rock before it reaches the distillery to make one of the more taste forward styles we associate closer to our own shores.
The classic distillers reserve has a lot going on in the glass.

Nose: Lively with some sweet peppery notes, some sliced green vegetable notes like cucumber and mint. as the dram opens an even sweeter mint note comes through on the alongside summer fruits like melon and pomegranate.

Palate: A lift to the front comes first with sweet citrus, lemon, lime and grapes. Soft hints of smoke are here with an overlap of vanilla pod and herbal tones.

This is a superbly balanced dram on the nose and palate, never dull always changing to entice us in one more time.