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Nikka Days / 40% / 70cl


If you want a blend that stands out from Japan with a hint of delicate touch of peat then this might be for you to enjoy.
Nikka days was one of those drams that can take you away on a taste journey but never does it over play on the palate thanks to its superbly blended components of malt and grain.

A subtle blend of grain and malt whiskies. Creamy and smooth, fruity and floral, this whisky will please amateurs and connoisseurs.

Nose: Orchard fruits are the opening salvo on the nose followed by a citrus edge with hints of sweet orange and creamy lemon, fresh cut strawberries and pears, some ripe banana, peach and honey.

Palate: The palate is balanced from the first sip, a hint of wood and spice glide into the fore with some orchard fruits and fresh baked sponge, citrus and apple strudel come into play with a rich soft toffee popcorn note, some vanilla and honey.