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Lindores MCDXCIV / 46% / 70cl


This is a new distillery built on a site with a long history dating back to 1494, with a royal commission by King James IV to distill what is now called Scotch whisky.
The original commission was for Aqua Vitae over time we know this as whisky, it had been 523 years since the original sites commission to make a distilled spirit before the new site was established as a new distillery.
When the distillery was being planned they did some exploration of the site and found what they though was a well, However it turns out to have been part of a kiln still.
The shape on the base of the bottle reflects this find. The first release is a mix of ex-bourbon, sherry and wine casks

Nose: An extremely elegant smooth nose, indeed this dram is in simple terms elegant. Soft creamy vanilla and soft delicate patisseries, soft fresh juicy pears and ripe apples, white rich chocolate and warm baked brioche, hints of dates and figs with a touch of succulent strawberry and cream.
Palate: What a great mouth feel to this dram, its one of the finest lowland malts you could possibly want, fresh cool apple turnover with lashings of fresh whipped cream, soft smooth delicate spices, mingle with hints of berries and peach, a lille soft creamy citrus lifts the mid palate time and time again, more orchard fruits and a soft vanilla and honey note add to the perfect palate.
A nice balance to the finish with the classic lowland smoothness, soft creamy Cornish ice cream and soft toasted waffles with maple syrup and chocolate will leave you wanting more. An outstanding first release.