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Single Grain

Single grain has been produced in Scotland for almost as much time as Malt whiskies, the need for grain grew with the desire to produce what we now call blended scotch, the use of a grain enabled distillers and blenders create a wider range of flavours than most single malt distilleries could possibly achieve especially given age and re-racking was something not practiced at the peak of whisky production in Scotland.

The world wanted whisky so Scotland provided thanks to the mass production achieved in a grain distillery.

Today we are seeing more and more grain whiskies on the shelves but we seem to be baffled or unsure if we want it or indeed will like it.

A good grain will hit the golden taste point of the palate, with delicate smooth fruity creamy notes, long lingering after tastes and a great stepping stone into the world of whiskies in general.

Plus a grain is a great way to reset our palates or explore what else is available in the market.