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Glenlossie 10 Year Old / Flora & Fauna / 43% / 70cl


Founded in 1876, Glenlossie is one of Speyside's smallest distilleries and a true hidden gem. It shares its warehouses with the adjacent another distillery and produces a peculiarly light and delicate whisky that makes it the epitome of the Speyside style. This is due to a spirit purifier between the lyne arm and condenser, which causes a small amount of reflux giving a character more akin to a triple-distilled malt that a double distilled.

Nose: The first impression is vinous, like a well-used cocktail cabinet. Through this comes a light sponge-like aroma, followed by fruity notes (fresh plums, kiwi-fruit). Then the nose closes somewhat, with a promise of pear drops. With water, the reduced nose is estery, solvent-like and fruity - a fruit salad including oranges, apples, plums and pears. There is a hint of coconut milk and a fugitive scent of sweet tobacco. If more water is added, the nose becomes mossier, with a whiff of matchboxes (the sandpaper striker on a matchbox, to be precise). The last might indicate a thread of smoke.

Palate:  Sweet; a good balance of primary tastes, with some pleasant acidity. If more water is added, there is a very slight hint of smoke. Dryish, with some light chocolate notes and a light, malty aftertaste.