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Springbank Distillery Established 1828 on the site of an illicit distillery run by the founding family the Reids who are in-laws of the Mitchells family who's name is the one used today J & A Mitchells. 

This distillery is one of the most popular in the world with its core range now seen as a rare commodity!  

With coastal aromas and lots of change between vintages you can taste the difference age and wood makes on a whisky. 

The distillery producers 3 very distinctive single malts each distilled in its own unique way. 

Hazelburn Triple distilled with 100% air dried barley. 

Springbank 2.5 Times distilled with 6 hour peat dried and around 30 hours air dried barley.  

Longrow double distilled with 48 hour peat dried barley.

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