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20/06/2022 Fadandel Tasting - Soho - 6:30pm

While distillers make all the whisky, they're not responsible for every bottle on the shelf. There are a whole host of small batch and independent bottlers who select casks to release based on the taste profile of the cask and of course the distillery style. 
Tonight's range was personally selected by Brian Toft Owner and Founder of the Fadandel independent bottlers
Brian is in Milroy's for one night only so don't miss the opportunity to meet the person behind the brand for insights on what makes him choose the whiskies for his special releases. 
The taste journey for tonight's event will cover some exceptional vintages and amazing casks, its all about the taste. 
Fadandel is a celebrated European bottler, whose releases rarely arrive in the UK. We are proud to offer the second UK tasting of his legendary cask selections.
Not a night to miss!
Glen Grant 22 Year Old / Fadandel / 51.9%
Ardmore 11 Year Old / Fadandel / 59.3%
Glen Moray 12 Year Old / Fadandel / 49.5%
Staoisha 7 Year Old / Fadandel / 60.7%
Longmorn 13 Year Old / 1st Fill Oloroso Sherry / Fadandel / 55.2%
Caol Ila 7 year Old / 1st Fill Entre Deux Mers / Fadandel / 60%