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23/05/2022 Thompson Bros Tasting - Soho - 6:30pm

Thompson Bros at Dornoch Distillery was founded following a successful initial crowdfunding round in 2016 which saw 250 whisky lovers from all over the world eagerly put their hands in their pockets to secure hotly anticipated casks of new make spirit from Dornoch Distillery.
During 2017 the team lay down casks of the future single malt whisky that is currently resting and maturing at the distillery. 
The Thompson Brother’s released an Organic Highland Gin as part of their portfolio that is ever growing with new releases of incredible single malts. 
With this tasting the Brothers Phil and Simon will guide you through the tasting of some very rare and exceptional single malts.  
  Expect a special announcement for the lucky people attending this tasting event. 
Islay Single Malt 31 Year Old 1989  Thompson X Auld A 52.3% - 70cl
Islay Single Malt 30 Year Old 1990  Thompson X Auld A 49.4% - 70cl
Islay Single Malt 29 Year Old 1991  Thompson X Auld A 49.2% - 70cl
Clarendon 37 Year Old 1984 Thompson Bros Thompson X Auld A 62% -70cl