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Brora 40 Year Old / 1978 / 200th Anniversary / 49.2% / 70cl

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Brora Distillery established in 1819 as Clynelish! with production ongoing until 1931 when it was mothballed, Back in production in 1938, It was not until 1960 electricity was installed as they moved away from using Coal to power the distillery. 

1967 sees the building of its companion distillery Clynelish A" we know today as Clynelish, Clynelish B closed in 1969 opening shortly after as Brora as it became known. The distillery closed again in 1983, it sat in glorious silence until it was time for this sleeping giant to awaken once more! Work started on updating the distillery in 2019 with the first distillation of the new distillery in May 2021. 

This special release carries a lot of history coming from the distillery before it closed. 

Nose: Some light soft coastal notes, hints of sweet smoke, some toffee and spice, hints of dark fruits or rich fruit cake, a subtle ginger and rope. The North sea Har has seasoned the nose perfectly. 

Palate: Smooth rich and fruity on the palate, some sweet spices and a hint of cracked peppercorns, some soft fruity mint like notes arrive alongside a dash of soft salted caramel, the gentle smoke on the nose is here on the palate to add some rich depth to the mid to late palate. A lingering smooth fruity finish adds to the enjoyment of this historical dram.