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Chita / 43% / 70cl

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Another house of Suntory whisky comes from Chita distillery established in 1972 as a source for grain whiskies to be used in some of the most iconic blends of Japan.
This single grain is now rightfully standing on its own as a quality whisky that embodies all the things we love about Japanese whiskies

Nose: Hints of light golden honey drizzled over a soft delicate French patisserie, spices and summer floral notes.

Palate: A very smooth palate with a great honey and delicate ginger balance that opens the palate to some summer fruits, hints of spiced oak and fresh herbs like mint and basil to delivery a lively yet clean mid palate that takes us to a more rounded deeper finish of sweet fruit and some subtle peppery tones.
A very enjoyable dram.