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Compass Box Peat Monster Arcana / 46% / 70cl

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Peat Monster Arcana

A limited edition expression of the original peat monster that has been partly matured in French Oak Casks to add another layer and complexity to an already legendary dram.

Whiskies from distilleries like Miltonduff, Ardbeg, Talisker help make this dram the legend that it is.

Please be aware the recipe that shows on the back of the carton was incorrect the full recipe breakdown is

The Peat Monster cask strength refill French oak casks 9.6% - Miltonduff bourbon oak cask 10.6% - Talisker Refill Hogshead 72.9% - Ardbeg Re-charred barrel 6.9%

Nose: Some chocolate, cinnamon and spices, some coastal notes flow in and a notable hint of boat tar appears on the nose. 

Palate: All the hall marks of a rich dram from the start with a deeply complex mix of oils on the front of the palate, with a rich fruity and compellingly waxy mid palate. A dry smoky presence steadily builds in the glass until the finish arrives with rolling tidal sea weed and hints of salted toffee.