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Crabbie Chain Pier / 2019 / 57% / 70cl

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Crabbie Chain Pier / 2019 / 57% / 70cl

Nose: A lot going on here with a richness from the moment you open the bottle. Some spices with a rich sweet undertone of peaches and almonds with a little vanilla and honey, some sweet organic notes and hints of spiced caramel. 

Palate: With the nose playing such a powerful role the palate has a lot to live up to!         Very rich and warming on the front of the palate with a hint of spiced summer fruits, some apricots and crushed almonds, sweet toffee and chocolate, oily and smooth especially with a drop or two of water at room temperature.  

This dram has a rich finish of soft caramel and honey, some dried fruits and peaches, a little allspice and pepper add to this incredible dram.