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Islay Violets 33 Year Old / 46.2% / 70cl


This bottling from a world-renowned Islay distillery celebrates the distinct floral notes characteristic of its 1980s distillation practices. Aged peat-smoke mingles delightfully with a fresh, floral and Parma violet-led bouquet, making this a whisky of unrivalled complexity.

The bottlers, Elixir Distillers, have finished the whisky in ex-cognac casks, only increasing its sweet, floral character.

Nose: A harmony of ripe winter fruits with a slightly sweet salted caramel note. Fragrance of spring flowers and peach flow in and out as this amazing cask mixture marry seamlessly on the nose.

Palate: Turkish delight with a gentle sweet salted candy edge, spices play out across the palate before we hit some delicious smooth Parma violet notes. A lively citrus and ruby chocolate, a dash of soft pepper and hints of fruit syrup leading to the most delightfully balanced soft coastal roundedness.

You only have a dram like this once in a lifetime so sit back and enjoy every sip.