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Laphroaig Quarter Cask / Milroy's Samples / 48% /3cl

Matured in a quarter oak cask to give a much more intense flavour as the liquid to wood ratio is greatly adjusted allowing more liquid to make contact with the flavour packed wood, this allows you to get a much more mature tasting single malt.
Nose: Not what you expect indeed its so much more, sweet soft toffee with honey and spiced glazed peanuts, old Jamaica chocolate bar smoked barbecue fruit. Rounded off with some delicious aromas of apple and spiced pears.
Palate: Before we hit the peat and smoke we are taken on a journey of exceptional taste and quality with ripe cut apples, damsons with sweet peppers and cinnamon dusted buns, then a wave of sea side flavours run over us, TCP with salt and pepper wafers some rolling tobacco, smoked meats with sweet chilly sauce, a nicely balanced finish with hints of creamy vanilla and honey.