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Michter's Bourbon / 45.7% / 70cl


Small Batch Bourbon Distilled and bottled in Louisville Kentucky USA
This bourbon is made in small batches of 20 casks per distillation, the casks are Fire charred new American white oak barrels

Nose: Classic Bourbon notes at first of Caramel and soft toffee, hints of dark fruits and chocolate sauce, subtle creamy edges add to the nose of this very interesting dram.

Palate: A nice rounded start to this dram with a creamy full bodied vanilla and milk chocolate, some spiced fruits with a touch of orange and toffee, a more organic note takes the palate to a new level that is hard to find in some other bourbons.

A deliciously complex dram that's well worth leaving to breath in the glass to savour the aroma from the small barrels used to mature this outstanding bourbon.