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Plymouth Navy Strength Gin / 57% / 70cl


Plymouth Gin  

One of the worlds most iconic Gins  

Crisp clean opening to the taste with aromatic's that flood out of the glass, some aniseed like tangy notes, with a crisp lemon and sweet orange, a little dry spice adds to the richness of the taste.  

Made with some of the finest ingredients in the Gin industry 

JUNIPER BERRIES: If there are no Juniper Berries its not gin. Their essential oils provide an aroma of pine and a hint of bitterness on the palate. 

CORIANDER SEED: Provides a balance to the gin with its citrus aromas, hint of sour and spice. 

ORANGE PEELS: An eating orange from Spain brings a delicate sweetness to the gins aromatics. 

LEMON PEELS: Adds a background note of fresh citrus. 

ANGELICA ROOT: Brings the distinctive dry finish that English gins are deservedly famous for, along with a complex sweetness. 

GREEN CARDAMOM: The highest percentage of essential oils out of any of our botanicals, it also adds a hint of menthol to the gin. 

ORRIS ROOT: Along with a hint of violet, this natural preservative ensure every bottle we make retains its full flavour and aroma.