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Glenfarclas 105 / Milroy's Samples / 60% / 3cl

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One of the all time classics from the Glenfarclas distillery, a bold robust and very drinkable single malt from one of Scotland's all time favourite distilleries.

Nose: A very rich whisky will obviously have a nose that stands out! This dram is a very rich aromatic dram on the nose with sherry oak and sweet spiced honey and gingerbread, roasted coffee beans and vanilla pod.

Palate: A taste hit from the start with a tangy orange and spice, some chocolates and sweet peppers, glazed fruits and honey lead to a very rich mid palate, sherry notes flow in and around the palate, vanilla is evident along with crushed almonds and brandy snaps.
As we head into a log finish of spiced orange, tangy fruits and peppers with a creamy fruit and nuts note, the dram is rounded off with a flourish of old style sherry and rich vanilla.