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Laphroaig 10 Year Old / Cask Strength / Milroy's Samples / 58.6% / 3cl

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The ultimate iteration of Islay's most famous whisky, this is a must-have for all lovers of peat. Bottled at a whopping 58.6%, this malt packs a real punch and succeeds in supercharging a whisky already famously described as a peaty slap in the face.
Founded in 1815 and built between Port Ellen and Lagavulin distillery, Laphroaig has a distinctive medicinal flavour (think TCP) caused by the high levels of phenol imparted to the barley during the peating process (phenol itself is one of the main ingredients of TCP!).

Nose: Full smoke and peat with a more rounded subtle fruit note that balances out the nose just perfectly. Apple and peach in syrup spiced oats and vanilla Some citrus to add to the complexity.
Palate: Sea salt and honey glazed fruit buns. Citrus and cream, ginger and tropical fruits with soft smoked notes, some chocolate and peach melba, some light summer fruits with an all round smoke and peat that envelopes the palate from the start but with such a great balance.